The Young Engineers Membership Network



The Young Engineers Club Network is changing…

In order to be able to work with all of our clubs, students and schools we are changing to a new membership system. This means that anyone who takes part in any of our activities will now automatically become a member of our network for 13 months. Joining the network will still be free but we will now be able to welcome individuals as well as group members.
All new and re-registering group members (clubs) will be entered into the Launch Pad Programme. This is our first year package for your membership and through this you will get some exclusive offers.

Here are a few questions you might want answering:

How does the new Membership work?

There are a number of ways to become a member:
•    Completing the registration form for membership
•    Registering for one of our challenges: Project Eggs Factor, Krazy Racers, Renishaw Engineering Experience, Young Engineer for Britain
•    Running a STEM Challenge or Making Knexions event will give you an automatic membership for a group of 30 students.

Direct membership route – though this route you will initially be asked to complete 3 induction activities with your group (we will provide the majority of the resources needed as well as a guide for each activity) and send us some feedback. You will have 28 days to complete these activities and return the feedback to us with a membership photo of the whole group (to be used on your profile page on the new website). Once we have received this then your full membership will be set up and you will be sent out all of the membership items.

Registration through a challenge – On registering for a challenge you will be sent the challenge criteria but you will also be sent out the induction activities for you to use with your group.  Once we have your feedback on any of the Young Engineers activities you have been involved with, your full membership will be activated.
Running an Event – Once your booking has been confirmed you will be sent out the induction activities for you to use with your group and then once we have your feedback on any of the Young Engineers activities you have been involved with, your full membership will be activated.

What do I get in my first year?

•    Exclusive membership items for each student
•    USB stick containing a programme of activities as well as support materials to help with running the group
•    Automatic registration to Project Eggs Factor
•    Easy registration for any of our challenges
•    Members profile area on our new website with messaging service to other members.

When will the new website be up and running?

We are hoping to get the new website in place as soon as possible.  As soon as work starts, we will have holding pages on our old website and will be carrying on with business as normal!

Why 13 months?

We know how schools work and it’s not very fair if the renewal date falls at a busy time of year. So, to give you a bit of breathing space the membership will run for 13 months. A reminder will be sent to your profile page on the new website when you have a month left of your membership. All you will need to do to register for the following year is to ensure you have rated all of your activities and to let us know how many members you will anticicpate having for the next year. Don’t worry if you forget to re-register; although you will not be able to log in we will keep your details for a further 11 months so that if you do wish to re-register it will be nice and easy. If you want to register again after this time then it will be as a completely new group and you will be given a new membership number and profile area.

Does a group have to be a club?

No, we welcome any sort of a group here are some examples:
•    After school clubs
•    Whole classes for activities to be run in school time
•    Scouts/Guides/Air Cadets or any other sort of existing group that wants to get involved
•    Home Educators – either as a larger group or as a small family group – please remember that you can only be a leader of one group
•    A small family group (1 or more children and a responsible adult – individual students under 16 must register through this route)
For a school based group we will require the main contact to be based in the school, such as a teacher or teaching assistant.

Individual membership

In order to protect our members we will only allow students between the ages of 16 and 19 to be individual members. For your protection, we will ask for a responsible adult contact, which might be a parent or a teacher, to confirm that they are happy for you to join our network.
Don’t worry if you are under 16 then all you need to do is get a responsible adult to register as a group (see previous question) with just you as a member or you can even invite some friends to join you.

What will happen to Local Support Groups?  

Local support groups as they were will no longer exist.  This is because we do not want to be restrictive and we want all groups to be able to share best practice with all members rather than only the ones in their area. This will be made possible through a messaging service which will be available to logged in members on our new website. Please bear with us while we get this up and running.

I am a STEM ambassador.  Can I join without a group to get ideas? 

As a charity we offer membership to students of all age groups.  Any adults who sign up are only registered as group leaders and therefore we do not allow any adults to sign up without leading a group. This means that we can keep more focused on our student members. If you are part of a group that is run in school then once our new website is up and running then you will be able to be signed up as an additional adult with this group.